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IT and IT-based services, Telecommunications and Urban solutions

  • Technology has been the buzzword in recent times and rightly so. The world is increasingly seeing widespread applications of technological advancements and inventions in a diverse array of sectors. India is no different in this regard. The country’s IT sector needs no introduction where its growth continues unabated, dominant by foreign demand. Due to reasonably priced labor, favourable business ambiance, and the availability of an expert workforce India has in fact become the most preferred outsourcing hub for firms who wish to offshore their IT operations.
  • The Indian telecom sector has in recent years been characterized by a rapidly evolving development and is expected over the next decade to become one of the largest markets in the world for telecommunications equipment. This projected growth is primarily fuelled by the large population demanding wireless telephony - the number of mobile subscribers is increasing rapidly and reached around 1.17 billion in 2019. In recent times, India has become the second largest smartphone market in the world. However, the Indian telecom industry is not confined to basic telephone, but extends to internet broadband, cable TV, SMS, IPTV, soft switches etc.
  • Moving on to urban India, India is projected to add 300 million new urban residents by 2050, moreover India’s cities will contribute approximately 70% to the country’s GDP. With a burgeoning population, In India there is a need to apply modern technologies and smart solutions related to green buildings; transformation of the transportation system, IT connectivity and digitalization, smart appliances and infrastructure that requires significant partnership from Danish urban planners, architects and engineering & construction firms.
  • These sectors although significant on their own, are increasingly playing vital supplementary role especially in the aforementioned sectors. As India grows, it is envisaged that their application and adoption across various sectors is bound to increase.