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The Political Section


In the Political Section, we follow the domestic and foreign affairs  of India, the Maldives and Sri Lanka. We also take part in the work of the EU in India led by the EU Delegation in New Delhi.
The Political Section also supports bilateral cooperation between Denmark and India. 
In 2008 Denmark and India agreed to form a Joint Commission which constitutes the base of our bilateral cooperation. The Joint Commission covers issues ranging from counter-terrorism and piracy to shipping, food, agriculture, ICT, renewable energy, environment and education The first meeting took place in 2010 between then Danish Foreign Minister, Ms. Lene Espersen, and Minister for External Affairs, Mr. S.M. Krishna. The Joint Commission has established joint working groups in multiple areas such as shipping, food processing and environment. 

The Political Section also promotes Danish culture in India and facilitates Danish participation in a number of Indian film festivals.