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Red Carpet Programme - How to enroll

How to Apply

In order to apply for enrolment in the Fast Track business visa program you need to live up to the accreditation requirements and obtain the necessary forms. 

Please email a request for Red Carpet accreditation by sending an email to stating name of the company or organisation you represent and the name of the Danish company or organisation you do business with. 

Before applying please read the Red Carpet Program – General Terms on the website. 

If you live up to the initial requirements for getting accredited, the embassy will invite the company's representatives to the embassy for a face-to-face meeting. For this meeting you should bring a copy of the company registration certificate and the company's latest annual report.  

After the meeting you will receive a return email with the agreement form for the Red Carpet accreditation application to be processed.


Submitting forms and documents

The agreement form and annexes must be filled in and returned along with the supplementary documentation.

Your application can be emailed, sent by post or handed in during normal opening hours at the reception.


When a decision is reached

The Embassy will reach a decision within two weeks.

If you are approved to be enrolled in the Red Carpet Program you will be notified of your Contract ID number as well as the date from which your employees can apply through the Red Carpet Program. 

If you are not approved you will receive a letter or email from the embassy informing you of this.

Please note, that this decision does not affect in any way eligibility for applying for and obtaining a Schengen visa following standard visa application procedures.