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Where to apply

Where to apply for a Schengen visa

The Embassy has commissioned VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd to operate the Danish Visa Application Centre in India and Bhutan.

Indian residents applying for short-term tourist, business or transit Schengen visas for Denmark, Iceland, Greenland & Faroe Island can submit their applications at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) with and without prior appointment.

All applicants are advised to book an appointment online to submit their visa application at the Danish Visa Application Centre

The Visa Application Centre in New Delhi is located at:

VFS Joint Visa Application Centre
Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, Mezzanine Level
Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place
New Delhi 110001.

VFS is also represented in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Jalandhar, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Bhutan.

Find addresses and office hours of the Danish Visa Application Centres here:

The Visa Application Centres offer you:

  • A fast and convenient service
  • No or little queuing
  • Copy and photo service available at a fee
  • Advice on how to complete your application and what documents to attach
  • Tracking system, so you will know when your case has been processed
  • The passport can be returned by postal service

For any queries regarding visas, the application process, necessary documentation etc. please contact the VFS helpline at +91-22-67866 009 or send an email to

When applying through VFS, applicants can have their passports couriered (against an additional fee) to their specified addresses after processing or they can collect their passports from the Visa Application Centres.

Please note that Third party collection of the documents or passports will not be permitted, except in the following cases:

  • Immediate Family Member (that is Parents, Children, Spouse)
  • A person collecting on behalf of Government officials if authorized on the Government letter head.
  • Red Carpet Representatives if authorized on the Company’s letter head

If any of the above comes for passport collection they need to carry the following documents:

  • Original Government ID card
  • Original ICR
  • Original authorization letter from applicant

Applicants can check the status of their applications by logging on to or by sending an SMS “VISA DK <passport number>” to 57333.

If you wish to submit your application at the Embassy in New Delhi, you are kindly requested to book an appointment in advance.

Additional Services provided by VFS
The services on the page are in addition to the visa application fee and can be paid in the visa application centre.

On Demand Mobile Visa
Visa application can be submitted at your home or office.
Cost of this service:

No. of Visa Applications  *Amount in INR 
 1 To 10  153915
 11 To 20  246260
 21 To 30  307825
 31 and Above  8210 per Applicant

Prime time Service
Apply for your visa outside of regular working days!

                             Prime time service fee
 For less than 10 applicants   For more than 10 applicants
 2675 INR (Per applicant)  1485 INR ( Per Applicant)

SMS Service
This service can be purchased for Rs 114/- (inclusive of Service tax) at the time a customer submits the visa application.

Courier Service
In case you would like your passport couriered to your specified address, you can request this facility at the time of submitting your application. This optional service is available for an additional fee of Rs 304/- (inclusive of Service tax).

Form Filling Service
Applicants can now get their Visa Application Form filled-in at the Denmark Visa Application Centre. The charges are Rs 105/- (inclusive of all taxes).

For detailed information, please click here
From which Schengen country should my visa be applied

You must apply for a visa from the country of your main destination, that is, the Schengen country where you will spend most days. If you spend an equal amount of time in two or more countries, you must apply for a visa to the country of your first entrance into the Schengen area.

For example: If you plan to have four days of meetings in Denmark followed by two days of meetings in Sweden, you should apply for a visa at one of the Danish Visa Application Centres. If you are staying four days in Denmark followed by four days in Sweden, you should still apply at the Danish Visa Application Centres, since Denmark is the first destination in your visit to the Schengen countries. If you spend two days in Denmark and four days in Sweden, however, you must apply for a visa at a Swedish representation.

It must be underlined that deviations from these rules are illegal and will not be tolerated.

Visa for Iceland

The Danish Embassy represent Iceland in India, Bhutan and Maldives. Visa applications for Iceland can be submitted at the Danish Visa Application Centres. 

Visa for Greenland and The Faroe Islands

Visa applications to Greenland and Faroe Islands should be submitted to the Danish Visa Application Centres. Other Embassies in the Schengen cooperation cannot grant you a visa for Greenland or The Faroe Islands.

Applicants from Afghanistan

Applicants from Afghanistan are recommended to submit their visa application for Denmark at the Danish Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Applicants from Sri Lanka

Applicants from Sri Lanka may submit their visa application for Denmark at the Norwegian in Colombo. This means that the application procedure for a visa to Denmark from Colombo must be in accordance with the Norwegian visa regulations and requirements.
Applicants should follow the lists of documentation from the Norwegian Embassy and make sure that all necessary documents are enclosed for obtaining a visa to Denmark. For more information, please see the website of the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo

Information about nationals who are subject to prior consultation

For information about nationals who are subject to prior consultation please click here
and go to the 'Annex 16'.