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Simply follow this 4-step application plan:

Step 1 – Download or print the Application for Schengen Visa and the Document Checklist.
The ‘Dokument Checklist’ will give you a complete overview of all documents and forms you need to submit when applying for a visa

Step 2 – Collect all needed documentation. 
Fill in the application form and collect the documentation mentioned in the relevant document checklist.

The Danish Embassy in India require color photocopy of the valid passport (all pages of the passport, including blank pages) and supporting documents. If there are any visa for USA/UK/Canada/Australia and any Schengen visa including entry/exit stamps (issued in the last three years) in the old/cancelled passport, then color photocopy of those pages are also required. Please prepare color copies before submitting your application at the Danish Visa Application Centres.

Step 3 – Submit the application. 
Carefully check that you have collected all supporting documentation. Then, arrange the documents according to the order in the ‘Document Checklist’ and submit the “package” by personal appearance at the Visa Application Centre. The visa procedure takes app. 15 working days.

Applicants should follow the lists of documentation to make sure that all necessary documents are enclosed for obtaining visa. Please pay special attention to any legalized documents required from the lists, as legalization procedure may take some days. Failure to submit documents, which are required for the case processing, within 5 days may lead to a rejection of the case. All missing documents must be forwarded together at the same time.

Step 4 – Visa is issued. 
The Visa Application Centre will contact you when your visa is ready. Within the first five working days there is no reason to contact us. We will contact you in case something is missing in your application or if further information is required.

When you pick up your visa, please bring:

Application receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre (you received this receipt, when the Visa Application Centre accepted your visa application).