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Cases and Testimonials

Below you find reference cases from Danish companies.

A selection of assignments solved by the Trade Council in India is listed below. The cases give an impression of the different types of assignments, the knowledge within different industries and the expertise offered by the Trade Council in India.

The assignments are confidential, but the companies mentioned below have given their approval for their cases being shown below.


Industry:  Steel


  • Start-up greenfield operation 
  • Starting-up a company
  • Finding land
  • Supervising the construction of the factory
  • Recruitment of managers


  • Danish Steel Cluster has a well-functioning factory in Bangalore

Feedback from the company:

  • "We have used TCD India in the whole start-up phase. It has been beneficial for us to work with people with local knowledge, who have given us active contributions throughout the whole phase. We have received constructive help and benefited from the good relationships and contacts that TCD India has locally."

Industry: Transport - Air & Sea


  • Analysis of location
  • Deciding which locations would be optimal for DSV
  • Costs associated with start-up at these locations (Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi
  • Description of labour, costs and terms of employment
  • Analysis of competitors; who and how many they are
  • Furthermore, DSV has made use of the Incubator programme, where they rented an office space at TCD India in Bangalore.


  • DSV has established offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi 


Industry: Wind power


  • Business delegation
  • Arranging of seminars 
  • Preparation of itinerary
  • Setting up meetings with manufactures of windmills
  • Arranging one-to-one meetings
  • Hotel, transportation etc.

  • The business delegation within wind power had a rewarding visit to India

    Feedback from the company:
  • "The visit was arranged very well by TCD India in Bangalore. They had made a very interesting programme, which included visits to different companies as well as sales and sourcing meetings. The meetings were of great importance to our members. Thanks to TCD India in Bangalore we got in contact with a number of relevant persons, who could give us a professional introduction to the Indian market. The knowledge could not have been obtained had we been to arrange our own meetings. A network is invaluable."


Industry: Graphic Design


  • Partner identification 
  • Information on how Stibo can establish a company in India
  • Preparation of itinerary
  • Planning and organizing meeting schedules

  • Cooperation with Indian sub-suppliers

    Feedback from the company:
  • "We, Stibo Catalog, have in the recent years considered the possibilities of expanding our production within graphic design. In this regard, we have researched the possibilities in Europe, China and India. TCD India in Bangalore has been an important sparring partner, who has offered professional consultancy and identification of potential partners. Today, Stibo Catalog has a good collaboration with an Indian sub-supplier. Thanks to TCD India in Bangalore the establishment of the collaboration was without any problems. A great thanks to Sune Kjeldsen and Harish Muthana."


Industry: Consultancy


  • Assistance in establishing a legal entity
  • Starting-up a company
  • Recruitment of employees
  • Offering the Incubator facilities in the Danish Embassy

  • Jakob & Partners India Private Limited has been established in New Delhi

    Feedback from the company:
  • "It was very helpful for the company to work with the Trade Council of Denmark during the process of establishing a company and recruiting people. We had a good cooperation with the Danish Embassy commercial department. People were very professional and beneficial”.



The companies below started their establishment in India by incubation facilitated by the Trade Council. Please find their reviews below.

DSV Air & Sea, National Manager Mr. Martin Pillai Roos said:
"Many companies hire a local person and let him work from home, but at the trade office you’ll find the Danish company's spirit and atmosphere and an already established network and "colleagues" who are more than happy to help you get started."

Falck India, Managing Director Mr. Vikas Kuthiala said:
"It was a very helpful facility for us - we had a very smooth start. It is very hard in India to find start up office options. And for international/Danish companies that are unfamiliar with the hardships of start up pains in India - you can waste a lot of time in unproductive things. Business Centres are there too - but they tend to be quite expensive and commercially exploitative at times."

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