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Innovation Growth

Innovation Growth is our two-phased innovation program designed for SMEs ready to grow.

What do you get?

We help you address global business opportunities by assessing your technology and navigating your way into the new market.

1. The preparation phase: We help you test and assess your business model and develop a roadmap for accessing the new market(s).

2. The implementation phase: We assist you in the implementation of your roadmap for internationalization through one or more of our seven locations.


The preparation phase is free of charge whereas Innovation Centre Denmark charges 935 DKK per hour for the implementation phase. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark subsidies the total price with 35% for minimum 35 and up to 100 project hours.

Who can participate?

Innovation Growth is for technology intensive SMEs and entrepreneurs with no more than 100 employees and DKK 150 million in annual turnover.


Innovation Centre Denmark, India

Innovation Centre Denmark, India can be contacted Monday-Thursday between 09:00-16:30 and Friday between 09:00-16:00


Contact details


Meetings only by prior arrangement.


For more information, please visit the website of Innovation Centre Denmark