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India as a knowledge destination

Why India as your Knowledge and Innovation destination?

A growing skill and talent base

  •  A young and growing population.
  • Highly trained English-speaking professionals such as engineers, scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs.

A centre of innovation and new technologies

  •  Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida in the North, Mumbai-Pune in the West and Bangalore-Chennai-Hyderabad in the South are hot spots for innovation due to presence of top-academic and research institutes and the development of allied industries.
  • Several hundred multinational companies have opened industrial R&D centers and laboratories in different sectors.

Ambitious goals to become a developed nation

  •  Education, Science and Technology are tools for economic and social development. The government of India wants to increase the investment in education to 6 % of GDP and in research to 2 % of GDP.

Cost efficiency

  • Compared to Denmark, R&D costs are low. R&D costs are generally about one-eight and clinical trials around one-tenth of Western price levels.


Innovation Centre Denmark, India

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