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Vignesh Krish

Meet Vignesh Krish who studied at the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen.


It was early August when I boarded the airline taking me from Chennai to Copenhagen, Denmark. G etting into the plane, it was scary and getting down from the plane at Copenhagen airport was even more scary. There was the sign of slight frigidity in the air and my trip had not ended at Copenhagen as I had a train ride to get to Grenaa in Jutland. That was my first day in Denmark.

Looking back at the last one year I've spent in Denmark and DTU, it has been a wonderful experience. Right from the first day, it has been an experience that has been unforgettable. It began with great friends and having a good time while studying. It has been truly wonderful. There are so many things that I could talk about in the last one year that have been wonderful:

 The first thing is DTU itself. Facilities, parties, canteens, the databars, the entrepreneurship community and pretty much everything about DTU has been a great experience. Looking back, the days spent in sports field, days in the gym and a lot of time spent in DTU Skylab have been great. A normal day starts off with classes and then the canteen to meet friends for a quick lunch and catch up before heading out to do other stuff that really requires attention which ranged from volunteer work for entrepreneurship organziation to group work for one of the courses. The only downside was that you never  knew that time flew by at the speed of light whenever you are holed up at DTU. In winters, the buildings provide this solace and silence that you require to get yourself up and the subjects for which the exams crawl closer and closer.

On the otherside of the spectrum is the city of Copenhagen, vibrant and jazzy, it is an amazing place to visit. With each visit to the city, I am falling in love with it. It has an impenetrable charm about it and the things you can do in the city range from the downright mundane to the extreme craziness all depending on what you are willing to do. It is an amazing city to live in, study in and work in.  

In the one year I've been here, I've met countless interesting people, taken part in awesome parties, super-cosy evenings with friends and food amongst the other nights spent studying or camping or taking a bike trip. Its pretty much my second home in the one year I’ve been here. I'm loving it here and hope to stay here after my graduation.