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Opportunities for Danish companies in India's Smart Cities

21.06.2016  06:39
The Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi has launched four reports about the exciting possibilities for Danish stakeholders in the Indian urban development market.
The world is undergoing a demographic shift where people flock to the cities. This is particular true for India, where the urban population will increase with up to 400 million in the coming decades. India will soon be the country in the world with the greatest population growth in the so-called ‘megacities’ (cities with more than 10 million inhabitants).

If India’s rapidly growing cities are to deliver the opportunities and living standards that attract the many new inhabitants, new solutions and technologies are necessary. In June 2015 the Indian government presented its ambitious ‘100 Smart Cities’ mission, which focuses on sustainable urban development in 100 cities across India.

In the wake of this, the Danish Embassy in New Delhi launched four Smart City reports at a seminar in Asia House in Copenhagen on the 8th of June 2016. The reports give recommendations on how Danish companies can make their solutions applicable to the Indian Smart Cities and utilize the opportunities in the Indian urban development market.

The four reports consist of one general report on ‘Smart Liveable Cities in India’ and three fact finding reports on the cities of Udaipur, Erode and Kakinada respectively.
The reports have been developed in cooperation between the Danish Embassy in New Delhi and Innovation Centre Denmark India and funded by the East Asiatic Company’s Foundation.

The four reports can be accessed here.