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From knowledge to growth

The Trade Council can help you develop your product or business model through the Innovation Centres Denmark – we assist both innovators and established companies.


Do you want to commercialise your idea or technology internationally? Do you need an international development partner or do you need assistance in tech-scouting? The Trade Council and Innovation Centre Denmark are ready to assist you.

The aim is innovation and growth through partnerships with the best of the best in the innovation environments near our innovation centres.

Our Innovation Centres are located in Silicon Valley, Munich, Shanghai, Seoul, New Delhi/Bangalore and São Paulo.

In the two case stories below, you can read more about how other companies have benefitted from our innovation consultancy and assistance.

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Scale your business

Libratone contacted the Innovation Centre in Silicon Valley regarding a new concept for wireless speakers. The results speak for themselves.

Develop your product

GoingAware expected that their product had potential in the Chinese healthcare sector and therefore decided to participate in a delegation to Shanghai – it paid off. 

The Trade Council can be contacted Monday-Thursday between 9:00-16:30 and Friday between 9:00-16:00.


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