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Award-winning Danish author for Jaipur Literature Festival

The award-winning Danish author, Josefine Klougart, is coming to India as she will attend Jaipur Literature Festival 2018. At this year’s festival, along with other renowned Nordic writers, Klougart will be part of the Nordic partnership titled as ‘Nordic Lights at Jaipur Literature Festival’.

The Danish author, Josefine Klougart, made her literary debut at the age of 24 with her novel ‘Rise and Fall’ while she was still a student of the Danish Writer’s school. The novel was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2010 and thus became the starting point of Klougart’s literary career.

A year later, Klougart was awarded the Danish Royal Prize for Culture and since then, she has written another four novels which have gained her widespread recognition. For instance, she has been referred to as the Scandinavian Virginia Woolf and the award-winning author, Jens Grøndahl, has stated that

“Josefine Klougart has established herself as one of the most powerful and compelling voices of her generation. Combining poetic precision with a wry wit, these broken, candid narratives interweave memory, loss and courageous passion, moving the reader with the acuity of their emotional truth.”

Therefore, the Danish Embassy in New Delhi is thrilled to have her represent Danish literature at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Denmark is participating in a Nordic partnership called ‘Nordic Lights at Jaipur Literature Festival’ along with the other Nordic Embassies in India, i.e. the embassies of Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Through this partnership, the Nordic countries will participate as ‘Series Partner’ at this year’s festival and thus host a range of speaker’s events. Don’t miss out on the chance to listen to and interact with all of the renowned Nordic authors.

For more details about sessions, please see the official website of the festival.

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