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Strengthening of Indo-Danish relations: Successful visit by Danish Foreign Minister to India

11.12.2017  13:04
At the end of November, Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen, visited India to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). This is the first visit by a Danish foreign minister to India since 2010 and should thus be regarded as a big step towards the enhancement of Indo-Danish bilateral relations.

At the end of November, Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Anders Samuelsen visited India. The visit is the first one by a Danish foreign minister to India since 2010 and it is thus regarded as a very positive step towards the normalization of the bilateral relationship between Denmark and India.

Prior to the visit, Mr. Samuelsen stated: “It is no secret that the relationship has been cooler in recent years. But regardless of the legal process, we are working very hard to re-establish a closer relationship (…) We are currently seeing demand from India in areas of Danish expertise, such as research, water, sustainable energy, city planning and food. I hope my visit can contribute to this being pushed forward”.

Luckily, the visit had many positive outcomes. While Mr. Samuelsen was in India to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, an American led conference aiming at enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship, he also found time to meet with the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi. The meeting ended on a very positive note, as Mr. Samuelsen and Mr. Modi agreed to take the Indo-Danish relationship forward and increase cooperation on energy, transport, food and agriculture.

Furthermore, Mr. Samuelsen also met with his Indian counterpart, the Indian Minister of External Affairs Smt. Sushma Swaraj. The two ministers discussed various aspects of bilateral cooperation, specifically within the fields of trade and investment, renewable energy, healthcare, agriculture and food processing.

Earlier this fall, Danish Minister for Environment and Food, Mr. Esben Lunde Larsen, visited India followed by a visit in the end of November by Danish Minister of Public Innovation, Ms. Sophie Løhde.

The visit to India by Mr. Samuelsen is thus one of many positive developments towards closer and stronger bilateral ties between Denmark and India.

Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Samuelsen and Indian Prime Minister Mr. Modi

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