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Realdania visits India

The Realdania foundation initiates and supports projects that strive to improve the existing built environment – our cities, buildings and built heritage. The foundation visited India in April 2017 for a 4-day tour, aimed at exploring the economics of the housing market in India, hoping to gain an understanding of the urban planning framework in the country.

The visit, spread across the cities of Delhi and Mumbai, served to highlight the situation on the ground, both at the governmental and planning level and that of the everyday stakeholders.

In Delhi, the delegation met with research institutions, national level bodies, real estate consulting firms and universities that worked in the housing sector. A two-day visit to Mumbai included meetings with the state authority for housing of Maharashtra, universities, NGOs and an onsite visit to one of Asia’s biggest slums – Dharavi.

Facilitated by Innovation Centre Denmark, the visit served as a platform for several key discussions with stakeholders in Indian real estate, urban development and housing. It delved into India’s increasing urbanization, its impact on housing and stock prices, rental regulations, role of the public and private sectors in the Indian housing market and the concept of affordable housing in India.